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Jesus said, "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men"

It is God's purpose to give us a reason outside of ourselves for existence.
The purpose of the Church is to organize people to serve and be a blessing
to others and to carry the Gospel to the entire planet.

At GVSDA we believe that all small groups and ministry teams should build
positive relationships within the groups and reach out and be a blessing (have
a positive purpose).  By doing ministry and groups together we bond with each
other and become small families within a larger family context (Entire Church).
By organizing in this way, we build meaningful relationships, give support, 
and in turn are supported through the Christian journey.

Current Ministries/Small Groups to Connect with:

-Praise and Worship Teams ~Contact Jeff Huynh

-Monthly Food Distribution Team ~ Contact Byron Sutherland and Annette Joseph

-Bible Studies: Learn who God really is by studying
His character through teachings of the Bible. ~ Contact Dan Graham 352-871-0073

-Baptismal Class: Taking the first steps with Jesus ~ Contact Dan Graham 352-871-0073

-Sung Adventist School: a 1-10 grade Adventist School operated
by Gainesville SDA Church and the Florida Conference
 ~ Contact David Forsey

-Church School Tutoring and Volunteering ~ Contact Kathy Grasso 

-Grace Market Place Wound Care Clinic (Weekly) ~ Contact Fred West

-Monthly Outreach Day (3rd Saturday of Each Month at 3pm) Various Groups ~ Contact Devoy Murray
Singing at Shands Healthcare, Nursing Homes,
Cookout and Blockparties, Literature Distribution, Door to Door Surveys.

-Hope Lodge: Meal and Encouragement Team for Cancer Patients and their Families each month ~Contact Jeff Huynh
or Florenda Mananquil 

-Homeless Ministries: Feeding homeless at Grace Marketplace ~Contact Council Clarkson

-World Missions: Haitan and Phillippine outreach teams ~ Contact Bob Solomon 352-514-2050

-Pathfinder Youth Group, (Similar to Scouting Groups) ~ Contact Grace Bartholomew

-Church Maintanence and Beautification ~ Contact Cliff Barnhart or Craig Bartholomew

-Weekly Guest Fellowship Luncheon Teams ~ Contact Julie Graham

-Runners Club ~ Contact Wade Green, Council Clarkson, Jeff Huynh

-Camo Club

-Audio Video Team